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Raj Basha

1. Every month meeting conducted regarding Rajbhasa in the presence of Members & The President of Rajbhasa Committee.

2. The Members of Rajbhasa Commitee are President-Principal, Co-ordinator-Mrs.Anamika Kumari ,PGT(Hindi) & all the Staff Members who knows the Hindi Very Well.

3. In every meeting We talk about the progress of Rajbhasa in the Vidyalaya & try to find out that how much progress going on in the field of Rajbhasa Hindi.

4. Official letters checked properly by the members of Rajbhasa Committee that how many letters are coming in Hindi & how many letters are going in Hindi.

5. In the presence of Co-ordinator we talk about that person who knows Hindi nothing & try to make him/her strong in the field of Hindi.So that he/she read & write easily any Hindi word and sentence.

6. Regarding Rajbhasa every year we celebrate Hindi Pakhwada in the Month of September & organised many types of Competitions at the vidyalaya level i.e.,Hindi Essay Writing,Hindi Poem Recitation,Hindi Story Writing etc.

Minutes of Meeting held on 07/08/2018

1. Progress of Rajbhasa -We should try to talk in Hindi & write in Hindi more times and to influence others to talk in Hindi for the success of the Rajbhasa.

2. Try to make Rajbhasa to be Strong.